Monday, October 24, 2011

Virtual Field Experiences in Geoscience Education: Resources from our GSA 2011 Short Course

Earlier this month, Frank Granshaw, Richard Kissel and Don Duggan-Haas convened a one-day short course in conjunction with the Geological Society of America's Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. It was a great day of networking and resource-sharing. This post is the agenda of that day with links to resources from each instructor.

A Photosynth of the GSA Short Course while Frank Granshaw was discussing VFEs and geocognition.

Course Agenda With Presentation Links
Introductions of instructors and participants + Goals of VFEs – Don Duggan-Haas,* Frank Granshaw* & Richard Kissel*
  • Click here for the introductory Prezi.
VFE in the secondary classroom – Sarah Miller, Deposit High School, Science;
  • Sarah’s Prezi
  • Sarah’s VFE (click Earth science, then Norwich)

VFEn design and geocognition – Frank Granshaw, Portland Community College, Portland, OR;

Exploring the Great Japan Quake of 2011 with Google Earth – Steve Kluge, Resources for GeoScience Education;
Google Geo – Stefan Kuhne, Google, Geo Education Team;
VFEs in NASA Education Programs – Wendy Taylor, Arizona State University, Mars Education Program;   & Phoebe Cohen 
Falls & Fossils: A Model Virtual Field Experience Focusing on Taughannock Falls State Park, NY – Richard Kissel, Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, NY;
The pedagogy of inquiry-based fieldwork – Eric Pyle, James Madison University, Geology & Environmental Science;
Using Gigapixel Resolution Imagery for Exploration Across Scales – John Van Hoesen, Green Mountain College, Geology & Environmental Studies;
VFE Development as Self-Documenting Professional Development – Don  Duggan-Haas, Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, NY;

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